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What is Blanton's Bourbon?

Named after the original creator, Albert B. Blanton, Blanton’s Bourbon is a premium bourbon crafted from a mash bill of primarily rye. Distilled in Frankfort, Kentucky, the recipe was first introduced by a master distiller named Elmer T. Lee in the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is known as the first single barrel bourbon and completely revolutionized the industry when other brewers decided to incorporate the same technique into their practices.

Who Makes Blanton’s Bourbon?

Buffalo Trace Distillery is the only producer of Blanton’s Bourbon. However, the question as to who actually owns Blanton’s is a bit more intricate. This one-of-a-kind bourbon was originally crafted at the George T. Stagg distillery which was owned by Age International at the time. The owner sold the distillery to Takara Holdings, a Japanese company, who then sold the distillery to a company named Sazerac, who currently owns Buffalo Trace. With that being said, Sazerac is responsible for creating Blanton’s Bourbon, but Takara actually owns rights to the brand to this day.

The History of Blanton’s Bourbon

Colonel Blanton joined the distillery as a teengar and worked his way up to President over the course of his life. As he grew over the years, Blanton realized he had a natural knack for leadership and developed shrewd business expertise along with a deep knowledge of bourbon-making. He was unimpeded by the many obstacles that the distillery faced because he was on a mission to create the world’s finest bourbon.

A man named Elmer T. Lee joined the distillery in the late 1940s, and when he was near retirement, he was asked to design a high-quality bourbon. This is when he drew upon Blanton for inspiration. He remembered how Blanton would entertain dignitaries by handpicking the best casks and bottle one barrel at a time. Elmer knew Blanton was onto something, and named the bourbon after Blanton’s incredible craftsmanship.

What Makes Blanton's Bourbon Special?

Blanton’s Bourbon is so unique because it is derived from the creator’s original distilling practice. Blanton would always choose the best casks from the center of Warehouse H and then pour off the bourbon by hand.

Warehouse H was a post-prohibition warehouse that was quickly erected using metal walls. The whiskey in this warehouse was exceptionally delicious because the metal allowed the inside to mimic Kentucky’s four true seasons. The frequent changes in Kentucky’s weather prompted the barrel wood to absorb and release the whiskey more frequently, reaching deeper into the wood and rendering a most delicious flavor.

Buffalo Trace has stayed true to Blanton’s original method by continuing to age the bourbon exclusively in the same area of Warehouse H, follow authentic distilling practices, utilize a mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley, age it in charred-oak casks, and pour it off by hand without the use of any machinery.

Additionally, Blanton’s Bourbon was the first single barrel bourbon and marked a new trend that many distillers utilize to this day.

Where Can You Buy Blanton's Bourbon?

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