The Top 3 Best Rum For Mojitos

Posted by The Bottle Haus
Tue, Dec 14, 21

Even if you're not a fan of cocktails, you'll recognize the Mojito. It's a classic summertime drink made with white rum, lime juice, sugar, spearmint, and soda water that is refreshing and tasty.

We don’t know about you guys, but we are a big fan of mojitos. Nothing matches the taste of a freshly prepared mojito drink made with the freshest ingredients during hot summer days. You don’t have to be sad if you have no one to prepare you this amazing drink. You can make it at home by yourself. It is quite simple, fun, and cheap to do so.

This sparkling masterpiece has a fascinating backstory, which only adds to its allure. Some claim it was invented by African slaves who were taken to labor the Cuban cane fields to make subpar rum easier to swallow. Others believe Sir Francis Drake developed the mixture while looking for a remedy for scurvy and dysentery.

What’s in a Mojito?

Traditionally, a classic mojito cocktail is made with white rum as the base. Then you’ll need some fresh lime juice and any variety of mint. A splash of club soda follows this at the end. Most people use super-fine sugar for the sweetener, while some prefer to use simple syrup. It really depends on what you prefer. Of course, you’ll need some ice to shake the cocktail and for serving.

What’s the best rum for Mojitos?

When it comes to finding the best rum for a mojito, you are spoilt for choice, thanks to the many brands and flavors on offer.

Rum is one of the earliest distilled spirits and is an alcoholic beverage made by distilling sugar. When it comes to cocktails, it's an excellent choice because it's naturally sweet and can be used in many different ways.  For the most part, rum is created in the Caribbean and matured for up to ten years. However, this can vary greatly depending on the region.

A typical rum bottle contains 40% alcohol by volume; however, there are exceptions to this rule. Many barrels are used to age the liquor, including those made of oak, which lends a distinct taste to the finished product. Apart from the casks used, even the weather affects the flavor.

Unfortunately, a mojito is one of the most common cocktails that get ruined at bars because some bartenders are unconcerned about their ingredients. Fortunately, you can now make your own better mojitos using one of these high-quality rums on our list.

Different kinds of rum

In the United States, the most popular rums are white, gold, and dark. While spiced rum and other uniquely flavored rums might be enjoyable, they're not the ideal choice for a mojito.

White Rum

White rum, also known as light rum or silver rum, is mildly sweet and delicate after brief aging in stainless steel tanks. It's light and simple to drink, like vodka or even a Blanco (or silver) tequila. As a result, most people think that this is the greatest rum for mojitos and other popular drinks.

In the same way, a Blanco tequila is the preferred base for a margarita; white rum is the perfect base for mojito since it has a milder flavor which lets the other ingredients shine. The two bottles below are the best white rum in the market if you’re trying to make the perfect mojito.

Gold Rum

If you're looking for a more complex flavor, try gold rum—rum that has been aged for a longer time. For a richer taste and more complexity, look for a gold rum; amber rums can be rich but are also often quite sweet.  Gold rum is not typically used for mojitos because of its much richer and complex flavor.

Dark Rum

Dark rums are aged the longest in oak barrels—many bottles mature for up to 10 years, giving them a darker color, a more intense aroma, and a deeper taste. They are generally not mixed with anything, so they are perfect for sipping on their own or in recipes where you want other flavors to shine through. Some people actually prefer dark rum for their mojitos.

Best Rum For Mojitos

Bacardi Superior 

Bacardi Superior is the standard for the drink, and many prefer it to the original Cuban stuff. It is an affordable, light white rum that bartenders use everywhere to make cocktails. Superior is the most popular rum brand globally, and it is surprisingly tasty for a mixer. 

On the palate, Bacardi Superior is light, floral, and not overpoweringly sweet and allows it to blend very well with Mojito ingredients (including fresh mint, lime juice, and simple syrup). If you want to start making better drinks at home, Bacardi Superior Rum is where you should begin.

Plantation Original Dark Rum 

We’re going to be blunt with you right off the bat. If your favorite alcoholic beverage is rum and you haven’t tried Plantation Original Dark yet, you are missing out. 


You won’t find any other rum aat displays so much flavor and complexity at this price point. Aging for 15 years certainly does wonders as the distillate is full of aromas of spice cake, molasses, caramelized fruits, dark fruits, citrus, and a hint of walnut. The overall taste was rich, silky, and fruity yet dry with a medium finish that possessed a good level of warmth and spice.

Probitas Blended White Rum

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to Cuba or the Caribbean? We have just the thing for you: Probitas. This white blended rum is designed to replicate the style of Cuban white rum originally used in daiquiris and Cuba Libres. Fans agree that it is a very smooth, crisp, and clean spirit! Probitas has a light straw color and a vivid fragrance of vanilla, grass, and tropical fruit that you will enjoy in cocktails like the mojito. It's also great on rocks for sipping as well. The bottle comes with a cork stopper and wax seal, giving it an extra classy touch.


There are a few different opinions out there about rum for mojitos. At the end of the day, you’ll have to try it out for yourself and discover what you think makes the best rum for mojitos. In our opinion, Bacardi Superior is a classic white rum that mixes well with a mojito’s ingredients.

Bacardi Superior Mojito offers the authentic Cuban taste your mojito deserves for the price you’re willing to spend. It will take you far beyond that trendy white rum you see on shelves, from Cuba all the way to your own mojitos. Bacardi gets bonus points for being a befitting piece of tradition, but also one that travels well from Cuba all the way to your own cocktail mixing needs.

In the end, your choice of rum for Mojitos is entirely subjective and is based on personal preference. No matter which rum you prefer, it will be delicious when mixed with fresh mint, lime juice, and simple syrup for a classic cocktail.