The 12 Best Budget Gins You Can Buy (Right Now)

Posted by The Bottle Haus
Tue, Feb 22, 22

When it comes to alcohol, we all like to save a buck when we can. So when you're buying your hooch, why not seek out the best bottles that come with a more reasonable price tag?

These budget-friendly gins are a great option when looking to offer variety at a bartender bar or to have on hand for your home liquor cabinet. Look for these gins and mix up a classic gin and tonic or use these bottles as the foundation for your next cocktail creation.

Beefeater London Dry Gin

Beefeater London Dry Gin is one of the most widely distributed gins in the world and one of the best-selling gins in the United States. The spirit, which is exported to over 150 countries worldwide, is produced by James Burrough Limited at its distillery on London’s south bank.

Beefeater was originally marketed as a gin for martinis, although it has gained wider use in cocktails.

For the price, Beefeater is an awesome gin. It’s a full proof gin, which means you can use less of it and still get the same amount of alcohol content in your cocktail, while still tasting the gin. It has a full bodied taste with hints of juniper and orange peel and has a nice smooth finish. 

Tanqueray Gin

The No. Ten is Tanqueray’s top of the line, and a gin that we would recommend to anyone who is looking for a gin with a little more in the way of subtlety than your standard Gordon’s or Beefeater.

Tanqueray No. Ten is a London Dry Gin, which means that it uses no artificial flavors or colors in its production, and any flavoring is done by adding extra botanicals during the distillation process. This gin is distilled four times, and uses eight different botanicals (juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, liquorice root, orange peel, lemon peel, camomile flowers and grapefruit peel), with the last three being added during the final distillation process. The result is a very smooth gin that has just enough citrus flavor to cut through the juniper flavor that gives gin its distinctive bite.

This gin also has enough backbone to make it suitable for use in cocktails like vodka martinis that require a higher proof spirit as well as drinks like the classic Gin & Tonic which are served on ice. If you are looking for a good gin to drink straight up, or to mix into cocktails this one is hard to beat!

Aviation American Gin

Sip Aviation and you're bound to be impressed. It’s a gin that you can drink neat (which is always a bonus) with a strong juniper nose and a savory, almost salted caramel flavor. But where it really shines is in cocktails, it has the power to add real depth to a drink, helping to bring out the other flavors rather than overpower them.

The nose is quite mild, with just a hint of juniper and sweet citrus, whilst the taste is quite complex and fruit-driven, with particularly prominent notes of lemon, lime and even pear. This makes it an incredibly versatile mixer, working well in most cocktails calling for gin.

We think it would make an excellent choice for any gin-based cocktail.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire is one of the most popular gins in the world, and for good reason. The brand takes great pride in marketing itself as a “spirit of imagination,” and it has built an entire brand around this idea.

Bombay Sapphire Gin's botanical blend is unique. Almonds, lemon peel, liquorice, juniper berries and orris root are just some of the exotic botanicals included in this blend. Other ingredients include angelica root, coriander, cubeb berries, and cassia bark.

Its botanical layers are balanced and complex, but not overwhelming or brashly assertive. Bombay Sapphire is actually quite simple in composition and incredibly elegant in execution. Bombay Sapphire has a rich, medium-weight body with a hypnotic scent of citrus, spice, and juniper that lingers on the palate for a satisfying finish.

Nolet's Silver Dry Gin

Nolet's Silver is a new style of gin, bottled at 47.6% alcohol by volume and infused with peach, rose petal and raspberry flavors. It’s a collaboration between the 10th and 11th generations of the Nolet family, which has been making gin for more than 325 years.

Nolet’s Silver has a flower bomb nose that is sweet and fruity like Turkish delight or raspberry sorbet sprinkled with rose petals. The palate is also initially sweet, but quickly dries out with some astringency from the juniper; it’s as if you took a sip of gin and then ate a lemon slice. The finish is long and spicy, thanks to coriander, cardamom and saffron in the botanical mix.

It’s not what you expect from a typical London dry-style gin, though it is technically one. 

Plymouth Original Gin

It’s not easy to buy a good bottle of gin for under $25, but Plymouth is one of the only exceptions. This inexpensive and delicious gin comes in an eye-catching bottle that makes it a great gift for gin lovers or home bartenders who are still learning the ropes. The London Dry style classic is a staple in any well-stocked liquor cabinet and works especially well in cocktails like the Negroni and dry martini.

Plymouth Gin is crafted with 7 botanicals, including juniper berries for pine aromas and bitter notes, coriander seeds for citrusy notes, orange and lemon peels for even more fresh zestiness, angelica root, green cardamom, and orris root add some menthol, dryness, and sweetness. 

Despite the fact that it's a London Dry-style gin, the ratios of botanicals used to produce it are different from other gins. The exact proportions remain a mystery, but the spirit has a particular earthiness, sweetness, and citrus flavor profile that sets it apart from its London Dry contemporaries.

Roku Japanese Gin

The Roku Gin bottle is inspired by the art of Japanese craftsmanship. Roku means the number 6 in Japanese, and Roku Gin is made with 6 botanicals. The six botanicals are sakura flower, sakura leaf, yuzu peel, sencha (green tea), gyokuro (refined green tea) and sansho pepper. 

In addition to its smooth and refreshing taste that can also be enjoyed on the rocks and with a splash, Roku Gin is also perfect for preparing cocktails using Japanese ingredients.

The Roku Gin bottle is shaped like a Japanese sake bottle, with a rounded base, oval shape, and round cover. The Roku Gin label was created to reflect the gin's six botanicals. The crimson label with gold letters lends a luxurious touch to this product. It's almost too beautiful to drink!


So, there you have it! The majority of gin comes from London, especially the juniper-heavy dry style. However, new and experimental distillers are creating all kinds of styles across the globe. Some of these can be wonderful, innovative ways to experience gin that depart from the traditional London Dry Gin style. But regardless of your preferences or favorite brands, gin is here to stay. It’s a classic spirit with roots dating back centuries that’s always finding new ways to innovate and surprise drinkers from around the world.