Best Bourbon Under $30: The Best Budget Bourbon Whiskey For 2021

Posted by The Bottle Haus
Fri, Jun 18, 21

Ever wonder what it takes to make bourbon?

To start off, it must be produced in United States from at least 51 percent of corn.
If you’re looking for an older bourbon, you’re probably drinking one that has been matured for around 4-9 years. If it has been aged for fewer than 4 years, than you’re definitely enjoying a “straight bourbon”. With this type of bourbon, it’s usually aged for a minimum of two years.

In this read, you’ll get to take an in-depth look at the best bourbons available under $30 and trust us, we know you’ll be amazed by our options. In fact, we know that these delectable options that are under $30 bourbons are the best sipping bourbons because we’ve tried each one.

Did you know, 95% of the world’s supply of this delectable drink actually comes from Kentucky. We’ll explain more in this read.

These are the best bourbons for anyone looking to enjoy an affordable drink. One can drink them neat or on the rocks (chilled over a topped ice glass). The guide for the best bourbons under $30 available at The Bottle Haus are listed below. Take a look and let us know what you think.

makers mark bourbon under $30

Maker's Mark Bourbon 750ml

Maker’s Mark Bourbon whiskey is a handmade, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey comprised of vanilla and nut flavors. It’s a first-class bourbon and is produced in small batches (less than 19 barrels at a time). The original bottle comes in at a 90 proof value (45% alcohol by volume) and comes in a square bottle sealed with a red wax. 

You’ll notice sweet notes of caramel with a soft and fruity essence when drinking this bourbon. This tasty drink is aged to taste, not time. It usually takes between six to seven years for this bourbon whiskey to be ready. Its aroma is like woody oak, caramel and wheat prevail in the nose.

Maker’s mark offers different flavors; a mint julep with green wax on the neck released seasonally in limited amounts, and Makers’ 46 (47% alcohol by volume). Maker’s Mark actually don’t use as the part of the mash, instead, they use red winter wheat along with corn and malted barley.

affordable buffalo trace bourbon

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream 750ml

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is handcrafted using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, making it a perfect combination of rich delicious cream and smooth Kentucky bourbon.

The company says the name "Buffalo Trace" refers to an ancient buffalo crossing on the banks of the Kentucky River in Franklin Country. It is made with a proof value of 30(15% ABV) and has a smooth and rich finish.

The smooth taste of this bourbon cream is comprised with flavors of creamy vanilla and has salty caramel notes.

You can enjoy it chilled or just simply pour it in a cup of coffee (or as a boozy addition to desserts) to avail its rich taste. Buffalo trace bourbon cream is slightly darker because of its proof value (30) and it must be refrigerated after opening.

devils river barrel bourbon affordable  

Devil's River Barrel Bourbon 750ml

Devils River Bourbon leads with distinct notes of pepper, oak, and high rye. It is balanced with hints of ripe apples and pears. It’s a bold flavored high proof bourbon that finishes clean on the back palate.  

This 90-proof bourbon is made from the purest of ingredients. When drinking this bourbon, you’ll notice a bold start followed by a medley of honey and caramel that lead to a warm and smooth finish. Devil’s River Barrel Bourbon is strong, sweet and spicy with enough warmness to coax another sip. 

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1 Whiskey 375ml

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash#1 Whiskey offers a smooth tasting experience unlike any whiskey you’ve ever tasted. It has a sweet aroma, with a slight burn. The corn coats the tongue with oil and vanilla. With a proof of 125, one glass is the perfect pour to enjoy.  

Buffalo Trace uses amaranth (an ancient wheat like grain used by the Aztecs) instead of high rye as the flavoring grain. White whiskey isn’t as popular among bourbon lovers, but this one is definitely worth the purchase. 

four roses budget bourbon

Four Roses Bourbon 750ml

Four Roses Bourbon is a straight bourbon whiskey. The distillery uses a unique system of yeast and mash bill recipes to create a line of bourbons that is unlike any other. It has a proof value of 80-104 (40-53%ABV).

Four Roses contains fruit-like floral essences, gentle spice and honey. This drink is usually described as mellow, long and pleasant. It’s a drink that’s easy to enjoy on its own or with a splash of lemonade or ginger ale. It’s the perfect after dinner drink to indulge in.  Whether it’s on the rocks or neat, we’re confident you’re going to be asking for more.

wild turkey 81 bourbon

Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon 750ml

This drink is lower strength, but is still one of our top picks. Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon is known for it’s complexity and smooth finish. It’s not only rich in color, but also in flavor. Bottled at 81 proof (40.5% ABV), this light bronze colored drink is extremely tasty, containing notes of caramel and espresso.

Containing a high amount of rye, this drink is aged in casks with a heavy char, thus resulting it’s rich flavor. Moreover, it is aged about 6 to 8 years in #4 alligator char American oak barrels. It’s aroma is spicy with hints of vanilla fudge, and coffee beans.

The taste is rich with thicker notes of caramel, manuka honey, custard sweets and oily espresso beans. You can drink this tasty drink in a brandy snifter by adding a few drops of water in the Wild turkey 81 to open up the aroma of the bourbon.  

old bardstown

Old Bardstown Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Old Bardstown Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey pays honor to the legacy of the American Thoroughbred.

It’s created a the newly minted Willett Distillery in Nelson Country Kentucky.

The bourbon is made from primary corn (72%), Rye (13%), Malted barley (15%). In the process of fermentation the wash is distilled before the bourbon is matured for ten years in new, Americans oak casks. Then the bourbon is brought to 101 proof before being bottled. 

Its aroma smells like oak, caramel, spice, orange peels, hazelnuts and herbal pine. It tastes like caramel, oak, nutmeg, vanilla, grain, cocoa and a bit of herbal.

It starts with a sweet caramel beginning and with every sip, the drink becomes more complex with flavors and aromas.  

larceny small batch bourbon

Larceny Small Batch Bourbon 750ml

Larceny small batch bourbon is very solid, classic bourbon available if you’re looking for a good drink on a budget. It’s hand selected by master distillers to have a taste profile of a six year old Kentucky straight bourbon.

The color can be described as bright copper, with notes of butterscotch, freshly baked bread and coffee. Flavors of buttery caramel also fill the pallet.

The finish is gently sweet and long lasting. It has a mash bill of at least 51% corn which is aged in new charred oak containers with 92 proof. It is an affordable and easily attainable bourbon.

cheap old tub bourbon whiskey

Old Tub Sour Mash Bourbon 750ml

Old Tub Sour Mash Bourbon an unfiltered bounded bourbon, is brimming with cinnamon red hot, sweet oak, toasted vanilla and plenty of gum-smacking graininess.

This drink is golden in color and has an aroma of oak, followed by vanilla and grain. Its taste hints of grain and warm caramel, which finishes with a lingering warmth. 

Roughly 4 years of age and bottled at 100 proof, this bourbon creates a rich soft and smooth taste. Sour Mash Bourbon Whiskey recipe starts with mash leftover from a previous batch, much like the starter in sourdough bread.

This process gives a sweet and deeper flavor to the Sour Mash Bourbon. Gold bourbon has a mash bill comprising of 75% of corn, 13% Rye, and 12% malted barley.

This drink can be enjoyed neat or spiced up. We recommend adding an orange peel into your cocktail and a splash of ginger ale. We promise, you’ll need more than one glass after your first sip. 


If you’re looking for a drink to enjoy with friends and family, this list will definitely have you impressing everyone around you. We curated this entry level list so that you didn’t have to spend hours searching for the best bourbons under $30.

We’re confident that these drinks are the best bang for your buck. All of these bourbons mentioned are top quality for the price. Each one has a different aroma and sweet taste which makes them unique and attractive. These cheap gems are full of a sweet deep taste that remains long lasting and smooth. The best part?

These bourbons are available in a wide range and flavors all under $30. You can now sip on luxury, without the hefty price tag. Let us know if there’s a bourbon on this list that you think we should add. We’re always looking for new drinks to try and share with our readers.